Stargate to be rebooted

Deadline is reporting that MGM plans to reboot the Stargate franchise with a trilogy of movies. No details yet, obviously. I’d rather get some sort of conclusion to Stargate Universe, but maybe that’s just me.

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  1. Emmerich hates the TV shows, so if anything this will only serve to retcon or nullify anything they did.

    I’d rather see a new adventure set in the Stargate universe somewhere, perhaps even the original gate builders.

    A conclusion to Universe might be nice but a series about the Ancients would serve a similar and greater purpose, though it wouldn’t involve modern Humans.

  2. I’m torn on this. I loved the movie. I loved SG-1 (although it was showing it’s age by season 8). I really liked Atlantis and feel it’s cancellation was a raw deal (to the creators and fans alike). I watched SGU. I won’t say I didn’t like it, but it just didn’t feel like Stargate. Part of what made the other series unique was their comedic style (Wormhole: X-treme!, anyone?) All that being said, Emmerich and Devlin have stated for years that they always envisioned the story as a trilogy with the second part set roughly 10 years after the first movie. If they do a trilogy that retcons the lore that has been created since the first movie, I’ll be disappointed in some respects, but if they story they come up with is good, I’m sure I’d be able to overlook it.

    All that being said, I really wish we could reduce the number of reboots coming out of Hollywood.

    • Their original concept for a trilogy was continued in two novels written by the same guy who novelized “Stargate” and “Independence Day” for them, and actually fixed some of what was broken with the latter. (For example, in the novel, Bill Pullman’s President was the youngest in history whose platform was based on having actual combat experience as one of the most decorated fighter pilots of the Gulf War, and would thus work extra hard to make sure the next generation wouldn’t have to go to war. Once in office, he was shown to be a lousy President, and was on the verge of being impeached. Two paragraphs of introductory exposition fix a LOT of what was wrong with the end of that movie.) I only read the first of the two. It certainly wasn’t bad, and would have been better as a film than as a book, but it contradicted a lot of what we saw in SG-1, and I personally preferred the SG-1 approach. Of course, I like long form story telling, so any decent approach aimed at an ongoing TV series will probably appeal to me more than an approach meant to span only 4 hours of entertainment in two more movies.

      • Aside from the nullification of SG-1, I have another potential fear: Rather than a true trilogy with additional story, we’ll get a Hobbit-ized version where the first movie is getting the gate open, the second movie is Daniel searching for the cartouche, and the third movie is the defeat of Ra.

        That said, if the above doesn’t happen, and it’s truly interesting, I’d be on board. SG-1 interacted with alternate realities several times (Quantum Mirror, etc), no reason the movies can’t exist in one of those. :-)
        If they have the Quantum Mirror stuffed away in a closet in the rebooted movie and we get a peek at it, that’s the only nod they’d need to keep those of us that prefer the TV shows happy.

    • I think most of us would like to see Hollywood booted and rebooted in the ass until they get this.
      But the occasional reboot works.
      Very occasional.

  3. I’m getting tired of reboots, especially in cases where one isn’t necessary. The original movie was so good that this reboot is pretty much guaranteed to be a letdown. It will be hard for them to exceed the original.

    • I’m tired of them, but I get it. Ticket sales are dropping but anything but big blockbusters, so they are leaning more and more on proven commodities, be it based on nostalgia (Transformers, etc.), sequels, or reboots.

  4. Ugh. Can’t we just come up with something new?

    I made it through season 1 of Universe, but I didn’t really like it. Never bothered watching Season 2…

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