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Stargate Universe Cancelled

SyFy just tweeted (twittered?) that this current season of SGU will be its last. The Stargate franchise has been airing on SyFy (well it was Sci-Fi back then) since 2002.

I’ll have to do that math, is Stargate the longest running franchise? The original Stargate show holds the record for longest running Sci-Fi series, but I don’t know if the three series add up to more than Star Trek’s 28 seasons. I don’t think so, but it’s still a good long legacy that I know a lot of fans will be very sad to see go.

How about you? Going to miss it? Time for it to go? Never saw it?

Stargate: Universe Discussion – “Life”

The crew finds a (plot) device that’s about as likely to get them home as anything Voyager found in the first season. Y’know, the problem with “here’s a way home” in a show where the premise of the show is “you’re a long way from home” is that even though the characters don’t know it won’t work, we know it won’t.