Novel Review: Mary Poppins

No kidding!

Jethro has written an original review of Mary Poppins: not the Disney confection, but the first of P. L. Travers’ eight oddball novels about the magic-using nanny. He also hopes his review will spark thoughtful discussion. What is Mary? A Time Lord? Fae? Elder God? Sauron’s love-child? We hope you’ll offer your thoughts.

3 replies on “Novel Review: Mary Poppins”

    • Hehe, you’d better watch out if you’re going to comment on her weight! There’s a part in the book where some guy says something she misinterprets as a negative comment on her appearance… he does NOT fare well.

      She can’t just be a witch, anyway. It’s implied she is a unique being, and not in a Last Of Her Kind way, either!

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