Big Screen Batman #7: “Batman and Robin (1997)”

I saw this in theatres, and said “never again.” Then I watched it on DVD to do a text review for this site, and said “never again.” Well, I watched it again, three times (twice normally, once with director commentary) to bring you this podcast. I hope you appreciate it.

5 replies on “Big Screen Batman #7: “Batman and Robin (1997)””

  1. Sirens may be a tad exploitative, but it’s a far better film than the reputation you cite suggests.

    (And it’s a great deal better than the Bat-WTFery you review in this podcast!)

    • Saying that it has more females than female clothing doesn’t imply a bad film. Some of my favorite films probably could make similar claims. (The Wicker Man comes to mind.)

      • I’d also say that “Eyes Wide Shut” is a great film. (I have yet to see a Kubrick film I didn’t enjoy.) The nudity seems to be the main reason the Australian indie movie got North American distribution, though.

        • My point! It’s a better movie than some people might think, given the reason most people know about this movie.

          (It also got an audience that had just seen Four Weddings a Funeral— the Hugh Grant factor. Four Weddings was out a year later, but Sirens didn’t really hit with the NA audience until after that. If memory serves me)

          Say, how about that Batman and Robin movie?

  2. I read the novel treatment of this. There was a bunch of stuff that was cut about the relationship between Bruce and Mr Freeze. From memory Freeze was a world renowned long jump champion who the younger teen aged Bruce spent time with to learn from and train with.

    This like Superman IV had potential before it got dumbed down to kiddie level.

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