Go a round with cosplayers:

Hula Cam at Anime Expo 2014

The, uh, birds of various species have “landed”

Privately-made Cygnus took off yesterday for the ISS (its arrival will test some new Canadian-made space parking/docking tech).

While SpaceX’s Falcon 9 launched six Orbcomm satellites.

The Red Cabbage of Mars

Developments continue that will optimize plant growth: even on other worlds.

What did you do last month?

Twelve-year-old Lauren Arrington completed a breakthrough study on Lionfish

Update: Or, perhaps she had help from elsewhere.

Honey, have you seen the remote?

Wirelessly-operated birth control could be in your near future.

0.035 per cent of visual light is the New Black

Not dark matter, but a British company has developed the darkest material known.

Searching for Laughs

This week sees the third (and best?) installment of CollegeHumor’s “If Google was a Guy.” This perceptively-funny series (below) may not be entirely safe for work:

Bonus Con and Cosplay Video:

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  1. The link in “The Red Cabbage of Mars” story leads to an article about the Padres. I didn’t know the Padres had any fans.

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