Weekly Comic Discussion

Highlights of this
week’s shipment
: I’ll be picking up Superman /
#4, Eternal (the last issue,
thankfully), Exiles #38 (with Chuck Austen
returning), Supreme Power #5 (which is my
current favourite title), and Ultimate
#50, a jumping on point to an excellent
series. Also in the works: reviews of Essential
Howard the Duck Vol. 1
and Joss Whedon’s
shouldn’t take too long, and reviews of
Sojourn Vol. 3 and Sojourn Vol. 4
should be up by the end of the month, depending upon
when my copies actually arrive.

3 replies on “Weekly Comic Discussion”

  1. Ultimate Spidey
    Ultimate Spiderman has shaped up to be an excellent series. The writing is awesome as can be expected from Bendis but even the art is top-notch and eclipses most of Marvel’s other titles. The way they handled Ultimate DareDevil was perfect and I’m hoping that paluka gets his own Ultimate series. It’s certainly gotten me back into my local comic store which is the ultimate(pun intended) point after all :).

  2. Screw-on Head
    My local neighborhood comics shop had a few copies of Mignola’s Screw-On Head one-shot from last year on the rack of new stuff. I suppose they were trying to clear them out. Anyway, I think it’s funny as hell.

    Also picked up the new Exiles and Supreme Power issues. Can’t say I’m terribly fond of Calafiore’s pencils. Might be just that they feel very scratchy and loose — almost like a sketch, but without any sort of real atmosphere to them. I’m liking Supreme Power, but I remain unsure as to where JMS is heading with it.

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