Warner Bros Lost in Space Pilot Updates

Anonymous Coward writes, This just came thru from L.I.S.A. Lost in Space Australia the info was faxed to Glen Ware from LIS Producer Kevin Burns.

The casting call for the new WB Lost in Space one hour pilot has been sent out to casting agencies. Pretty much is already known. Doug Petrie is to write, John Woo to direct Kevin Burns and partner Jon Jasini to produce.

The character descriptions are interesting – these are one fan’s thoughts on the
descriptions as they were read to me.

John Robinson seems to be a combination of Series John and Movie John (just not as
wishy washy). he is in charge of the family – kids tease him but know that
he is the boss. A strong physical character with the ability to beat men half his age but well aware of the costs, physically and mentally, of doing so.

Maureen Robinson – again a combination of movie and series Maureen’s. Biggest fear
is the realization that her daughter Judy is becoming a woman. A smart intelligent woman. Strong too.

Judy Robinson – sounds like your typical teenager, not really a combination nor like either incarnations. She is smart and pretty. A motor mouth too. Is supposed to be infatuated with someone called David – not really sure who this David is.

Will Robinson is a combination of the LIS Movie and TV. A genius who wants to be a regular kid “Scared shitless” (and that’s a quote from the sheet) of Don West. To look as if he stepped out of a Norman Rockwell painting.

Don West – only eighteen. Think a mixture of Movie Don and Top Gun Tom Cruise. Casting sheet says think of Fonzie – not the later series friendly
Fonzie but the earlier, white tee shirt wearing Fonzie. main rival to David for Judy’s affections. Who is David?

No mention of Dr Smith or Penny Robinson. Thoughts here are that maybe they have been
cast or will not appear. The likelihood of the second is high as they are not casting for the Robot, saying that the role is already taken. While not
stating WHAT the robot will be the voice will be Dick Tufeld – Glenn has spoken with Dick – it was his birthday a few days ago – and has pretty much
confirmed this.

3 replies on “Warner Bros Lost in Space Pilot Updates”

  1. My Fondest Hope
    is that the pilot induces vomiting in the WB executives and they flush the whole concept down the toilet.

    • Re: My Fondest Hope

      is that the pilot induces vomiting in the WB executives and they flush the whole concept down the toilet.


      I wasn’t around to see the first show.. and the movie was average… I have no ties good or bad to it.

  2. will robinson
    Since there’s a breakdown description on Will Robinson along with some of the other characters, why do you suppose when you go to showfax.com that there are no sides posted for Will Robinson. Isn’t he a big part of the show? Just wondering why they would delay those sides. Any ideas?

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