Babylon 5 season 5 DVD in April

Full details on the set can be found at this TV Shows on DVD page. The main point I’m
interested in is the release date: April 13, 2004, which should be very near the time I’ll be finishing my last degree. I think I know what I’ll be doing with that sudden surge of free time.

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    • Re: Season 5?

      When is season 4 out?


      Season 5 has always been somewhat of a let down to me. I don’t blame
      JMS, for this (at least not particularly) because he didn’t know if season 5
      was going to get picked up and so he had to wrap up plot lines sooner
      than he would have liked – at least that is my understanding.

      The season finale, on the other hand is great, and its worth getting all of
      season 5, just for that.

  1. Bloody hell season 5……I need to dust off my credit card!
    ((((((Babylon 5)))))))

    Some minor spoilage….

    god I love that show….but I agree with that bloke up there, season 5 was a bit empty because JMS DID have to tie threads up at the end of season 4…the finale (in case you don’t know) was filmed BEFORE Season 5, hence the appearance of Ivanova and the abscence of Lochley. However just for making the show at all I would have Stracky-strach-JMS’ kids

  2. I’ll buy it.
    Despite the fact that I found season 5 a disapointment, I’ll still buy it just to finish off the entire series. But the best of the series was season 2-4. I’ll just not watch the Byron episodes.

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