Gotham Discussion: “Viper”

There’s a new drug on the streets of Gotham– and Wayne Industries had a hand in its development.

We’re more in Detective Show territory this week. Did it work for you?

3 replies on “Gotham Discussion: “Viper””

  1. Aside from the story feeling very familiar, I felt this week was a lot better than most of the other episodes. Even if the plot wasn’t exactly original, I think it’s starting to find its footing a bit. It might be in part because it didn’t go out of its way to include everyone. (No MCU team, no Barbara, only a flash of Selena) so maybe they’re learning from their earlier mistakes of trying to fit everyone in.

    Even the Bruce angle this week was better integrated. It felt like part of the story and not something they tacked on later just to get him screen time.

  2. I am enjoying the Penguin story and how he and Gordon are tied at the hip. And you are right about Bruce. I like how they are already showing his inquisitiveness into the inner workings of not just Wayne Enterprises, but Gotham itself.

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