Flash Review: “Things You Can’t Outrun”

While the Flash takes on a metahuman who can become toxic fog, we witness the firestorm of activity experienced by the supporting characters on the night Barry and his adversary were transformed.

Title: “Things You Can’t Outrun”

Directed by Jesse Warn
Written by Alison Schapker, Grainne Godfree

Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash
Candice Patton Candice Patton as Iris West
Rick Cosnett as Eddie Thawne
Danielle Panabaker as Caitlin Snow
Carlos Valdes as Cisco Ramon
Tom Cavanagh as Harrison Wells
Jesse L. Martin as Detective Joe West
John Wesley Shipp as Henry Allen
Patrick Sabongui as Captain David Singh
Al Sapienza as Detective Fred Chyre
Michael Benyaer as Araz Darbinyan
Robbie Amell as Ronnie Raymond /
Anthony Carrigan as Kyle Nimbus / The Mist

Full cast and crew information may be found at the imdb


The Flash faces a metahuman villain who kills— and cannot be touched.
We also touch on some key moments in the supporting characters’ lives.

High Points

The team approach begins to coalesce, even if Ramon, in an amusing bit, demonstrates that he needs to familiarize himself with police codes.

Low Point

The Fastest Man Alive encounters a man who can turn into mist and poison him—and he stands there waiting to inhale.

The Scores:

Originality: 3/6

Effects: 5/6 The effects remain serviceable, but some work better than others.

Acting: 5/6

Story: 5/6 We have a very Arrow-influenced episode, with a present-day villain, a flashback plot, references to the overall season arc, and some relationship drama. The flashbacks did a fair job of expanding the personalities of some supporting characters; the plotting needs to be less formulaic.

Emotional Response: 5/6

Production: 6/6

Overall: 5/6 The Flash takes greater pains than the Arrow or the Canary to conceal his identity from his family.

We have a villain who remains alive, held illegally by Team Flash. Since he was already under a death sentence, ethical issues are mitigated somewhat. I do wonder how he’s going to eat, however.

In total, “Things You Can’t Outrun” receives 34/42

Additional Thoughts

In addition to laying the groundwork for Firestorm’s appearance, we had references, mostly playful, to the Flash Museum, a metahuman prison, and the Blue Devil. But did one of the passers-by in the opening scene resemble Clark Kent?

4 replies on “Flash Review: “Things You Can’t Outrun””

  1. I agree about the low point, I don’t get why he was just standing there. Overall I found this one weaker than the previous episode.

    The whole “red blur” thing reminds me a lot of “the blur” on Smallville. They need to fix that name stat.

    The prison bit bugged me too. Logistically (feeding, elimination, etc) it doesn’t seem viable, but who knows what a toxic gas cloud person really eats anyhow. And he could easily be mistaken for some passed wind… I don’t think that will fly for too long.

    Next week looks like it will be a pretty good.

  2. Anyone else notice the guy who looked like Arrow’s younger brother?

    Oh, looks like it’s his younger cousin.

    Also we never saw a body…

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