The horror, the horror!

According to a CBC report, William Shatner, who once appalled the world with his album The Transformed Man, will apparently release another album, with backing by the likes of Henry Rollins.

Ah, yes…. Who can forget the first time they heard Shatner’s emotional recitation of “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds?”

2 replies on “The horror, the horror!”

  1. I can see it now, Shatner and Rollins …
    Rollins screams: I’m a LIAR!

    Shatner emotes: I’m … a … *liar* …

    Rollins: LIAR!

    Shatner: I’m …

    Rollins: LIAR!

    Shatner: a …

    Rollins and Shatner together: *liar*/LIAR!

    At least it’ll give Henry some new material for his spoken word performances. I know this is off topic for a sci-fi site, but aside from his work with his band, Rollins’ spoken word performances are amazing. I saw him at a nearby university a few years ago. He’s astonishingly funny. He had the entire audience laughing so hard we were gasping for breath. :)

    -Joe G.

  2. Priceline Official Webie Soundtrack?
    Sounds to me like he wants to cash in on the popularity of those spoken-word Priceline ‘jams’. Too bad he doesn’t realize we only liked them for the camp value (or maybe that’s what he’s counting on?).

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