Gotham Discussion – “Spirit of the Goat”

Something tells me that they won’t be facing off against El Chupacabra this week…

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  1. Aside from the corny name, and the creepy Penguin/mother moments, I liked the episode. We got to see a bit more depth in Harvey and Nygma’s characters (separately) and the ending is sure to cause some fun trouble next week. The biggest question I have is just how will Harvey explain his reaction if anyone asks? To anyone besides Gordon and the mob, the way he acted would be fairly suspicious.

    And best of all, a complete absence of Fish.

    And was that crazy psychiatrist perhaps Harley Quinn (or her mom? older sister?). The personality, if not the name and hair, seemed to fit.

    • Yeah, I’d say it was probably their best episode to date. Also of note is they made less effort to shoehorn Bruce into the storyline.

      I don’t think Harvey’s reaction will be problematic. Everyone already knows all the cops are dirty, Harvey’s suspicious reaction doesn’t matter without a confession. Besides, IA is going to have trouble going after Harvey when they just arrested a guy for a murder that never occurred.

      My worry is about Gordon. Now that he’s no longer “part of the program” he’s going to be a target.

      • The bit about Gordon being a target goes back to one of my complaints/low points in the Pilot. It does no use to put someone we know survives in such danger. “Gee, I wonder how he gets out of this one” only gets you so far. That’s a problem with pretty much any prequel. When you know the person lives, putting their life in constant danger loses any effect.

        Not that I watch GoT, but it would be like a GoT prequel where everyone lives, instead of not knowing each week if they were going to bite it.

        • We still might get serious consequences though.

          Obviously Gordon and Barbara are safe. But Bullock’s position isn’t quite as well established, he probably won’t be killed, but he’s now in the position of not only having vouched for Gordon to Fish and Maloney, but actually telling them he witnessed the murder of the non-dead Penguin. That means Bullock is either on the mob’s hit list or he’ll have to do something really extreme to get back in their good graces.

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