“Ambition,: a short film by the European Space Agency, uses SF and science to promote the Rosetta Mission.

Meanwhile, SpaceX will try landing at sea on a floating platform.

And, as I’m sure most of us already know, Google exec Alan Eustace set a record last week for the highest altitude jump to date

And Halloween Time….


Ah, the week of Halloween! Take a walk through the dark, over fallen leaves and past artfully-decrepit homes, and you’re sure to see…

Monsters! Check out this updated “Monster Mash” (Some language is not entirely safe for work):

Costumes! Like the ones at this weekend’s Comic-Con Quebec, and at London’s Film and Comic Con:

Scary Movies! Like this Youtube posting:

And General Strangeness!

Like this recent article about the censoring of cartoon cow udders in the 1930s— which is pretty terrifying, really.