Arrow Discussion: “The Magician”

This week sees Malcolm Merlyn’s return to Starling, secrets between family members, and the first series appearance of Ra’s al Ghul.

What did we think?

3 replies on “Arrow Discussion: “The Magician””

  1. While this episode had a distinct lack of Felicity, it did have an abundance of Katrina Law.

    I thought it was a decent episode overall, though the whole Tangled Web aspect is beginning to annoy me a bit.

    Anyone else think it was funny that during the attack on the “monastery”, Oliver, Roy and Katrina are all wearing disguises, but Diggle just walks around?

    • That bit with Diggle does strike me as odd, since people could ID him and know he’s associated with the others and either extrapolate from there. Wonder if he’ll eventually gain a costume of some sort.

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