Arrow Discussion: “Guilty”

Wildcat, the truth about Roy’s involvement in a murder, and the Boxing Glove Arrow: here’s the place to comment on this week’s episode of Arrow.

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  1. I have a little more time to elaborate now:

    The target of this week’s villain seemed a little too convenient, and it looks like they may be setting it up for both him and Laurel to join up with Team Arrow proper somewhere in the season. There are some promo pics of Katie Cassidy going around in full Canary getup, which looks mostly like an homage to Sara.

    The flashbacks didn’t serve much of a purpose except an obvious mechanism to help Roy remember, but it wasn’t too out of place. The speed with which Roy uncovered the true memory also seemed a bit too convenient.

    Everything pales in comparison to the Boxing Glove Arrow gag. It stole the show and as Jethro said, it wasn’t cheesy either, it seemed natural.

    And on another note, some rumors going around about a return have made me wonder if we’ll be hearing the words “Lazarus pit” tossed around in the next few weeks.

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