Gotham Discussion: “Harvey Dent”

Selina sleeps over at Wayne Manor, Harvey Dent shows early signs of cracking, the Penguin continues to be evil, and an explosive plot exploits the least intelligent jail guards in history. It’s another episode of Gotham, the city where they ship the criminally insane to an aging haunted house for treatment, and the episode ends with cheap exploitation.

A new character named “Lovecraft” casts a shadow over the episode.

  • The kids were great together.
  • Harvey Dent is yet another character whose age and position are problematic.
  • The Penguin continues to be effectively creepy.
  • Everything else was better than the Fish-driven main plot.

4 replies on “Gotham Discussion: “Harvey Dent””

  1. The kids were the best part. Sure it’s a little weird thinking about them meeting that young, but the two of them play well off each other and it was good to finally see them interact.

    The rest of the episode was OK. Kind of a let down after the past few weeks where it had made significant upward progress. I don’t care much for this incarnation of Harvey Dent but it’s still early.

    Bullock was actually … nice? To Edward Nygma? I was amazed.

    Fish was as awful as ever. Penguin was as great as ever.

    If you watch White Collar the location where they caught the bomber should look familiar.

    • I’m afraid I no longer watch the show regularly, but it does appear they’re trying to develop Bullock into a more positive character than we first saw.

  2. Eh. I dunno. This is one of those episodes that portray what I was worried about when this show was announced. It was all name-droppy and not interesting at all, and I’m kind of worried that’s really the only place it has to go.

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