Ideas for the Next Star Trek Series

Well now that we’ve all had some fun with our ideas for what was the best Trek series, how about your ideas for what you think the next Trek series should be about.

We’ve all heard the rumors, but what would make really good and really fresh Star Trek. My opinion is listed in “Read More.”

Don’t worry about copyrights. I doubt Rick Berman reads our site!

I would like to see something based around the oft-mentioned, but never seen, Starfleet Marines. Think about it, how does an inherently violent unit function in a pacifistic government? You can give them escort missions, guard duty, recon, and so forth. There is the advantage of constantly changing venues, alllowing a lot of species to be profiled (both old and new).

You also get the dynamics of a tight-quarters team. Personality friction is bound to rise up.

Just my thoughts

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  1. Star Trek: Q2
    The adventures and tribulations of Q’s son. This series would have the advantage of being set anywhere and anywhen. The series would not need to based on a ship or star base and therefore wouldn’t need dedicated sets or a large cast of characters.

  2. Star Trek: Romulan or Section 32
    The only recurring race on star trek that isn’t a characiture (sp?) of some human flaw or isn’t totally one-sided is the Romulan race. These guys seem to be like pretty decent folks that just can’t get along with the Federation. It would be cool to follow a Romulan ship around and see the Federation from the other side.

    The setting could be that an exchange program thing, like someone from the federation joins a romulan ship in a bid for peace.

    OR, have a show about Section 32, kinda like X-Files’ish with lots of political intrigue….

  3. Non-federation
    I’ve seen a lot of the Federation. I think the next series should be a little more realistic and a little less idealistic. There should be something outside of the normal Federation, whether that’s a special division or another alien race.

    A show about Q could be tough. When you’re omnipotent, it’s hard to find a situation you can’t handle. I could be interested in a show about Olivia D’Abo’s character on the Next Generation, though. She was a Q raised as a human, and who had human values. It would be nice to see her trying to live a normal life, and turn her back on the continuum. Of course, the continuum would try to either bring her back or destroy her, which could basically turn the show into a combination of Star Trek and The Fugitive, but it could be interesting.

  4. Desperate and dirty like year of hell
    I want to see starfleet on the brink of extinction. Have someone super strong such as the borg go through and wipe almost everything out, give some new crew a nice nice ship and a good young captain. Let them attempt to rebuild the federation while dealing with the horrors they find. Have the main bad guys go away and watch the feds become easy pickings for anyone that feels like it. And let the damn new captain break the prime directive a hell of a lot. Or at least be a bad ass. Other then janeway killing tuvix I haven’t been shocked by startrek in a very long time. Anyways make it dark and moody and I’ll watch, if not get more hotties in tight spandex, it’s all thats left for me in voyager. make it twins this time

  5. Uh. . .the rebuild the Federation idea. . .
    . . .has been done. Ever hear of “Gene Roddenberry’s Andromeda” ??

  6. you guys are so cynical and pessimistic
    The “grunge” style of DS9 and Voyager have not garnered

    large audiences. I’d like to see an optimistic show.

    One proposal is based on Sulu commanding the Excelsior,

    as seen in Star Trek VI. There’s a web site at

  7. Action
    I’d Love To See A Show Based On A Serious Federation Battleship. Something That Had Lots Of Action Scenes With The Ship Making Tight Turns, Trying To Outrun Enemies, Or To Chase Them Down, All The While Having Phasers And Torpedoes Going Off Left And Right. This could Work With The Marines Concept Pretty Well. Basically, Something With A Captain That Doesn’t Feel Guilty About Destroying An Alien Ship. A Captain That Could Go Toe To Toe With The Klingons.

    Another Idea Could Be To Go One Of the More Typical Television Routes, And Get A Group Of Star Fleet Grads, Fresh Out Of The Academy. Bring In The Whole WB Dynamic To The Show, And Could Introduce Star Trek To Some Real Sci-Fi.

  8. Didn’t gundam wing teach you that pacifism only leads to an ass kicking?
    The pacifist society of star trek, is a great ideal, but a boring story. There are lots of possibilities with this show, but I hate some of the ideas. I don’t want to see that past, I have no nostalgia for sulu. A group of fresh cadets just have too much chance of becoming a ship full of wesleys. section 32 leads to some interesting possibilities, but I want the series more uniform, where one episode actually affects the next. Section 32 could give me lots of interesting individual stories but I can’t see how to run everything together into a cohesive run. The marines could be interesting, but we’ll need someone new for them to be fighting. Perhaps jump into the future to give us something new. Things have been pretty static in the trek world for awhile now.

  9. Star Trek is stale…
    I don’t really think there are many ideas left in Star Trek, between the novels, TV shows, and movies. The universe is so well-defined that any new idea would without a doubt conflict with something that was already done. I think it would be best to “fast forward” about 100 years in the future much like was done between TOS and TNG. That would be enough time to restart the universe and pretty much screw everything up. Imagine the Romunlans and Vulcans to join together again…or a Federation that has become completely corrupt and a group rebelling against the new totalitarian government. There have been a total of 3 movies and 3 TV series all based in the same time period in the Star Treck universe, and I think it’s time we moved on.

  10. Been there, done that…
    (re)birth of the Federation == “Andromeda”

    Starfleet Marines ~= “Space: Above and Beyond”

    Sulu/Excelsior == the first two Trek series

    Starfleet Camp/err,Academy == any lame teen-oriented Sci-fi show on Saturday mornings.

    The Romulans == Too much money spent on ears and eyebrows ;-)

    IMHO, the Romulans could be interesting, although it depends on who’s writing it. They could be portrayed as a fairly normal, sane race, or they could be reduced to stereotypes as with every other ST species. The ideal would be to use the Romulans as a way to get around the limitations of the “pacifist” Federation.

  11. Mirror Mirror or Time Police
    I’d like to see a series based on “Mirror,Mirror” from TOS. I could be set in any time and would free the writers from what has already been written about Star Trek. Perhaps somethink like an updated “Blake’s Seven.”

    Another idea would be to base it on the Time Police (I don’t remember their real name.) I believe they have appeared throught the series starting as investigators of the “Temporal Prime Directive.” The series could take place in the distant future where a ship and crew travel to different places and times.

  12. U.S.S. Relativity?
    I was just going through a lot of interviews and so forth from various people within the Trek hierarchy and it sound like it will be a jump to the future. Rick Berman says it will take place in a different time than TNG, DS9, or Voyager. He’s also come out saying it won’t be in the past. What does that leave us with?

    Anyone excited about a show based around the U.S.S. Relativity or similar starship. An entire series mucking about in temporal mechanics? I feel a bit of a headache coming on…

  13. Dawn of the UFP
    I think a series based around the dawn of the Federation would be far more interesting. Plenty of opportunities for bold action, political intrigue, drama… Maintaining consistency with the (chronologically) later ST episodes, including TOS, would offer some further challenges and opportunities for writers.

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