WB Back in Video Games

Babbster writes, This may seem to be a slightly odd topic for Bureau 42, but the news that Warner Brothers is starting its own video game division could be big in the science fiction and comic book world. After all, Warner controls a lot of properties, such as The Matrix, Terminator, Superman and Batman. Given the video game mistreatment of The Dark Knight and The Man of Steel in the past, could we finally get a great DC superhero video game?

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  1. Branding doesnt make good games
    No offense, but this story illustrates exactly what is wrong with a lot of cruddy video games. Branding and marketing tie-in do not make a good game. A good game makes a good game. Playability, graphics, sound, storyline, “FUN”.

    The same applies, of course, to the MAJORITY of Hollywood movies the last few years. When Burger King has a rep sitting in the creative meetings it’s no surprise the end result sucks.

    • Re: Branding doesnt make good games
      I think you’re absolutely right. One can only hope that one of the reasons WB is starting a dedicated video game division (and why Marvel is doing the same) is that they’re aware of the fact that most previous games based on their licenses have been lousy, and they want to address the problem. Spider-Man (the latest and at least two previous iterations), for example, was a good game and the sales numbers showed it. While these companies still make money off a game that sells poorly, they make a lot more if the game sells well – the only way to make that happen is to produce good games.

      Whilst I like a good game on its own (and my collection proves that), I like even better a good game featuring one or more of my favorite comic book characters.

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