The Walking Dead Discussion: “Coda”

The Walking Dead reaches its midseason hiatus, with a predictably dark pause. Here’s the place to discuss the showdown in Atlanta, and the passing of yet another series regular.

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  1. I have come to the solid realization that Daryl absolutely represents the audience of the show. This has been true for some time but it is massively a part of this episode. He is the everyman, the wanderer, the white knight. His actions mirror what we would hope we would do, how we would hope we would act, if we where in this awful situation. This even includes his vengeful action at the end of this episode.

    While Rick does “what must be done” Daryl is doing what “we want to see done”. The writers have been masterful in crafting his character to be the anchor of the audience for this show. I’m a solid member of the “if Daryl dies we stop watching” club.

    Amazing how stunning this show can continue to be this long into its run.

    • Yes. And yet, I may not return to watching when the hiatus ends. It continues to be well-acted, but the plot appears to be more of the same, and I’m losing interest.

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