New Podcast Announcement: 75 Greatest Marvels

Earlier this year, Marvel solicited and compiled votes for the 75 greatest Marvel Comics stories as selected by readers. Their website has features for the 75th Anniversary here, and the list itself can be found here. On December 31, I’ll be launching an unofficial companion podcast in which I will be joined by a variety of guest hosts as we discuss each and every one of those stories. The RSS feed is live here, and the iTunes and Stitcher feeds will be linked when approved. The promotional spot for the podcast can be found here.

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  1. The top story was predictable and a good choice– but why is the Clone Saga on this list? I can’t be the only one who puts *that* on the list of Most Dumb-assed Marvel Stories Ever, Made Palatable Only in That It’s Heaps Better Than Mephisto Dissolving Peter Parker and MJ’s Marriage?

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