Arrow Discussion: “The Climb”

Holy Reichenbach! Ollie faces Ra’s Al Ghul in a duel to the death– to save the life of Sarah’s killer. We have a fairly literal cliffhanger until next year. Meanwhile, the flashbacks continue to explore the dark side of Ollie’s ethics, and the subplot moves Roy Palmer, by the smallest units, closer to becoming the Atom.

Here’s the place to discuss the last episode of Arrow until 2015, and to ponder the question we’re left at the end:

Will every media-DCU hero tell Felicity “Nerd Girl Mary Sue” Smoak he loves her?

Or that other question about, you know, what happens to Ollie.

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  1. So we know that Oliver isn’t dead, so that leaves a couple possibilities:
    1. Ra’s stabbed him that way and missed organs on purpose, knowing he’d live and suffer since obviously he was taking the fall for someone else.
    2. Somehow Oliver lives and gets away (and how would they not notice when he pops back up in Starling City?)
    3. Someone drags Oliver to a Lazarus pit to heal
    4. ?

    • So we know that Oliver isn’t dead

      Do we? Maybe it’s like that Robin Hood show from 2006 where they killed Robin Hood off after Series 3 I think.

      Sure it got cancelled after that but they’d established that someone else was going to take on the role of Robin Hood. And we all know Arrow is basically Robin Hood so it works.

      I’m starting to think I should go to sleep…

  2. Yeah, that stab looked decidedly (and deliberately) heart-missing.

    Though realistically a stab like that would puncture (at least) a lung and break enough ribs to probably rip a whole buncha things apart, and I don’t see falling off a mountain helping that at all without a “Here’s One I Prepared Earlier” type of situation.

    So I’m going to say Oliver and Ra’s Al Ghul planned it all along.

    Also do we think what’s his face, Mr. Kissing All Over Felicity, I forget, is really a good guy?

      • Are they actually going to make him THE Atom? I mean yeah he sure does say “ATOM” a lot, but it seems kinda random. Then again I’m not a comic book guy, so…

        • He is the Atom in comics, and he’s working on an analogue for the comic-book tech, so it makes sense.

          But maybe, as the saying goes, you just don’t trust atoms, because they make up everything.

    • I think Ray/Atom is good, but maybe a little … off?

      Maybe he shrunk himself and tagged along with oliver, he’ll patch/stitch him up.

      I suspect they only put Atom on here so they got him in people’s faces “first” so when Ant-Man comes around, Marvel might look like they copied.

  3. Oh and have I mentioned I love Katrina Law yet? Because seriously.

    Also I want to slap Thea. And buy her a t-shirt that fits, because seriously.

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