Justin Lin to Direct Next Star Trek Film

So how does Paramount celebrate the 50th anniversary of a venerable science fiction icon? By hiring a director with zero genre credits and is known for brain-dead street racing movies.

Oh and Justin Lin is the Executive Producer of Scorpion, a show that brought us this stupidity:

Apparently the studio saw the tanker-loads of money Guardians of the Galaxy made and wants a piece of that action.

So the Star Trek we knew and loved is pretty much dead now, being reborn as just another action franchise. Going to spike my egg nog and drink a toast to its passing. Who’s with me?

6 replies on “Justin Lin to Direct Next Star Trek Film”

  1. He’s also directed episodes of Community and True Detective, so I’ll wait and see. If they have a strong script– there were murmurs awhile ago about the third movie actually being a Star Trek-style script– he might be okay.

    But egg nog is nice, too.

  2. I quite liked Lin’s first film, _Better Luck Tomorrow_, which he also co-wrote. The F&F films are ridiculous, of course, but I’m not sure the situation is quite so dire as Brian thinks.

    Maybe there will be less lens flare, at least?

  3. I’ll wait and see. I’m not sure it could be any worse than the last two. Trek has thrived on TV. The movies have never been up to the standards made by their respective series, IMO. Yes, they had their moments but overall the movies have always been very uneven.

    If this gets us another fun ride like Star Trek IV, then I’m all for it. If it’s another turd like Star Trek V, then I just won’t see it and I’ll pretend it doesn’t exist. Like I do with Star Trek V.

    And give us another Trek TV series already, dammit…

  4. Star Trek Nemesis supposedly had a good sci-fi script, but was directed by an Action doofus who knew nothing about Trek. It disappointed a lot of people, and I expect nothing better here.

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