Arrow Discussion: “Left Behind”

When the Rapture imagined by evangelical Christians actually occurs, our heroes in Starling City must…

No, not really. But Arrow has returned, with the support team scrambling to work without Ollie. We see more flashbacks, and a little bit of the future Atom. Just as Team Arrow accepts Ollie’s death, we learn that….

That’s not the real twist, of course– though we all saw the other one coming, too.


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  1. I kept waiting for GarethBrick to break out in song.

    New Canary wasn’t as bad as I thought she would be, though we only got a glimpse. Diggle and Roy seemed to be doing a decent job keeping things up, as well as could be expected anyhow. And poor Felicity. I’m not sure what she will end up taking harder, the news of his “death” or finding out he’s still alive.

    Anyone else reminded of Iron Man when Ray was testing the Atom gauntlet? Not sure that’s a good thing…

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