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      When’s the Ultimates collected thingy coming out?

      The second paperback of The Ultimates, subtitled
      National Security is due out on April 28, along
      with the 14th issue, renumbered to Volume 2, #1. Other
      issues coming out that day include Ultimate Fantastic
      Four #5
      , finishing that story arc, Wolverine: The
      End #4
      , and Essential Tomb Of Dracula Vol.
      , so it should be reviewed by the end of the week
      when it does come out.

      Other things I’ve ordered from the issue of
      Previews that shipped today are, in order of

      April 7: Exiles #45, Punisher: The End (MAX one shot),
      Supreme Power #9, and Ultimate Spider-Man #56

      April 14: Marvel Age Runaways Vol. 1 (the first six issues
      of Runaways in an affordable digest format) and
      Ultimate X-Men #44

      April 21: Daredevil #59, Essential Daredevil Vol. 2,
      Fantastic Four #512, and Ultimate Spider-Man #57.

      April 28: listed above.

      If you don’t feel like shelling out for a copy of Previews
      (and if you can’t get them for free from your retailer),
      or if you’re like me and just don’t feel like storing
      those massive things, you can read the solicitations for
      DC and Marvel at this
      Toonzone page

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    Oooh UFF4 should be waiting for me in my reserve, thanks for the heads up :).

    I’m really surprised how well the Ultimate series is doing in general. Do you think they’ll ever retire the old books and go fully into this new generation? When Ultimate Spider Man came out I almost immediately stopped my reserve of Peter Parker.

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