Agent Carter Discussion: “The Blitzkrieg Button”

Despite a trip to post-war Nürnberg and some swings at gallows’ humor, this week’s episode seems sillier than most, with Howard Stark hiding out in a women’s only hotel. French farce, anyone? The plot thickens, new mysteries are posed, Stan Lee turns up– and next week, we’ll see the Howling Commandoes!

2 replies on “Agent Carter Discussion: “The Blitzkrieg Button””

  1. In general, we thought it was very entertaining and interesting. The surprise of the “villain swap” was pretty well done. Very interested in seeing where that is going.

    Having said that, some of the writing has decisions made that just don’t make sense. For example, Stark & Carter having a shouting match and not getting caught was ridiculous, especially as it was not long after Carter could hear Stark making out with one of her neighbors. I do get disappointed when I can see the writing decisions that are made – pulls me out of the moment. :-\

    (Hopefully I did the spoilers correctly…)

    • Yes, well done.

      I agree. Let’s face it: the show allows for a degree of stylization, and I can let some things go by. But this episode, while enjoyable, wasn’t as strong as the others.

      I have hopes for next week.

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