Flash Discussion: “Crazy for You”

This week, we get a Peek-a-boo at a new rogue, a glimpse into Barry and Caitlin’s personal lives, a role for Barry’s father, a set-up for Firestorm’s reappearance, and a teaser for the most-anticipated Flash villain’s debut.

If that big hairy deal at the conclusion may be the High Point (though it was a decent episode overall), the Low Point continues to be the constant reminders that S.T.A.R.’s prison (apart from being illegal) is practically unworkable.

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  1. For the all the problems with the low point, they are introducing long term characters in a respectful way. I really like how they are introducing Firestorm as an ongoing if only recurring character.

  2. Pipeline “Prison” : The Flash :: The Ridiculous “Disguises” : Arrow

    Lots of facepalm-worthy discussion for both. “Where do they poop?” vs “What kind of idiot wouldn’t recognize him?”.

    That aside, I liked the effect they used for Peek-a-boo and the story was decent, but the best part was the whole Barry/Caitlin Karaoke experience. And the follow-up drunken conversation about peeking.

    I’m going to go out on a limb and say Barry’s new friend is evil in some way. Or fishing for some sort of info.

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