Rick Berman Off the Trek Team?

Oh sweet lord let it be so! According to SciFi Wire and Cinescape, production changes are being mulled as Enterprise continues to be a ratings weak spot.

Ladies and gentleman, chill the champagne!

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  1. HOLY FUCK, YES!!!!
    Hopefully, maybe, Star Trek will become good again. Hopefully, maybe, I will start to watch Star Trek again. Hopefully, maybe, we can all go back to being complete nerds without watching Smallville.

  2. *jaw drop*
    What the hell can I say? It’s nearly too much to hope for, but I’ll hope for it anyway. I’ve noticed the names of some of the Star Trek Old School popping up in the credits of the better episodes of Enterprise. I hope thier involvement in the series increases after this.

    I’m a geek. I’m supposed to be defending Star Trek, not despising and snarkifyin’ it.

  3. So who would you choose as a replacement for Berman?
    I’d go for someone with emotional and historical attachment to the franchise: George Takei, or Jonathan Frakes. What TV producers are currently free? Maybe Enterprise has already been too mismanaged to save?


    • Re: So who would you choose as a replacement for Berman?
      >TV producers are currently free? Maybe Enterprise has >already been too mismanaged to save?

      Depends on what Berman’s replacement would have in mind, IMHO. Obviously something fairly radical needs to happen, but in terms of concrete suggestions…

      1. The main thing that needs to happen is for the action quotient to be turned WAY down. Trek originally was never first and foremost about action. There were times when action happened as a *natural* or logical consequence of certain storylines, but it’s only really since Voyager that Trek started being action-centric for it’s own sake, rather than conceptually oriented as it was before that.

      2. Trip Tucker needs desperately to go. From what I’ve seen of the character, he’s precious little than a walking American flag…or perhaps Confederate flag would be even more accurate. I’m aware that Trek is an American show, but in the past ethnic universalism was something that was unique about the program…Diversity was celebrated. Archer and Trip behave predominantly like a pair of fairly simple-minded Texans for the most part, and this is then held up as a universal example of human behaviour at large…which it most definitely and resoundingly is not.

    • Re: So who would you choose as a replacement for Berman?

      I’d go for Robert Hewitt Wolfe. He’s had Trek experience,
      not to mention time off, and we know he can create some
      great long-term plans, as he did for Deep Space

    • Re: So who would you choose as a replacement for Berman?
      Jonathan Frakes, definitely. He knows Trek, he cares about it, Commander Riker is cool and Frakes is one HELL of a director.

  4. Were that it was that easy…
    think about it. Even if he were gone yesterday, it would take months (possibly years) to “get good”. There are probably a lot of people involved in the show who think it’s good currently, but just misunderstood. Writers, directors, etc, etc. Even with Berman gone, those people are still there.

    • Re: Were that it was that easy…

      Porthos wakes up and finds Archer in the shower. It was all a dream.

      The Enterprise takes off for its first mission, in a universe created by writers who have (a) some respect for the original series (b) a vague clue as to what SF is.

      • Re: Were that it was that easy…

        Porthos wakes up and finds Archer in the shower. It was all a dream.

        The Enterprise takes off for its first mission, in a universe created by writers who have (a) some respect for the original series (b) a vague clue as to what SF is.

        • Re: Were that it was that easy…

          Oops. Wrong button. Reset buttons in forms are evil!

          Anyway, what I’d written was something along the lines of how to resolve Enterprise using its own plot holes as the means:

          Some guy in the future discovers Enterprise NX-01 is mucking up the time line. After having Daniels arrested for interfering with history, he travels back to Earth just before ‘Broken Bow’, diverts the Klingon so that the humans don’t make first contact with the Empire until they’re supposed to, impedes the development of photon torpedoes so that the Romulan war can be fought with thermonuclear weapons as was written in history, and then congratulates himself on a job well done before stopping off to sabotage the NX-01 and erase his entire existence, along with everything that ever happened in the series.

  5. God Damn Skippy
    Man… Get stuck overnight at a friends place from inclement weather, and when I get home not only is there a nice hot meal, but the BEST DAMN NEWS STORY EVAR

  6. What’s the point? The damage is done…
    I literally discovered the link between shitty Trek episodes and the involvement of B&B on the same day I found this website. I was not surprised to find other Trekkers and sci-fi fans were in agreement with my findings, but I am taken aback at the strength of the hatred B&B draw from viewers everywhere.

    Just like all of you I’m wanting to dance with joy at the news that Berman may be given marching orders, but I see one big damn stormcloud on the horizon: Star Trek has been suffering too badly for too long. Getting rid of one half of the “Disaster Duo” is not going to make much difference now.

    Consider Enterprise season 3. The storylines have been consistently compelling, with more action, darker plot direction and vastly superior acting as the cast suddenly seem to start enjoying their work. I think most of Enterprise season 3 is showing Star Trek at its all time greatest. I’ve wanted to see episodes like these for years. And yet the show is still getting panned from all quarters, including people who are die-hard Trekkers who now seem almost ashamed to be fans of the series.

    This strength of negative feeling is already overwhelming people’s loyalty to Star Trek. If season 3 of Enterprise is not enough to sustain the show’s life span, I fail to see how people expect the show to survive even if bigger names are introduced to write stories. If I were a famous author, which I someday hope to be, I doubt I would touch Enterprise with a barge pole; public opinion about the show is too dire.

    I have something to say to B&B: you are a pair of bloody idiots who were somehow entrusted with the most precious gift of all: ownership of Star Trek, the only programme in the world with 4 spin-offs and 10 films, the only programme in the world which is a way of life to some people. You’ve consistently ignored the wants and needs of the loyal, established fan base. This fan base is in fact so loyal they were willing to put up with any amount of shit, but somehow you’ve surpassed even that infinite limit with your ripped plots, recycled ideas (Trip being stranded with an alien anyone?), crappy scripts, horrible theme song and total unbelievable ignorance of the established Star Trek timeline.

    If I were either of you, I’d let go of the reins now and let someone with talent, integrity, intelligence, courage and love not only for the show but for the FANS as well to take over. Your day was done as soon as you found the crappiest reason ever to strand Voyager in the Delta Quadrant. Don’t punish Trekkers world wide any more with your ignorance, arrogance and flagrant disregard for Star Trek.

    If you want me to put my money where my mouth is then yeah, I’ll have a go. I’ve already written a few Trek stories just for my own entertainment which are already 5 times more enjoyable than the kind of two-a-penny moronic crap you churn out to fill up each season’s episode quota.

    B&B, you have no talent. It’s time to terminate your transmissions. Give Trek back to the Trekkers.

    • Re: What’s the point? The damage is done…

      B&B, you have no talent. It’s time to terminate your transmissions. Give Trek back to the Trekkers.

      Hear, hear!! I agree COMPLETELY.

  7. So, am I the only one…
    who thinks Trek took a nosedive the day after Roddenberry’s funeral and hasn’t recovered? That Berman & Co. have pandered to the action-oriented military wannabes instead of staying true to Roddenberry’s vision of what our future could be?

    I think the idea of having Enterprise-to-date be Porthos’s nightmare and starting the series all over again is a great one!

    • Re: So, am I the only one…
      I think you’re right. Roddenberry must have been revolving in his grave after that dreadful “First Flight” nonsense.

      • Re: So, am I the only one…
        How about “Archer and the crew destroy the Xindi superweapon only to find another alien race behind its creation, the same race that has engineered the Federation Suliban Cold war. In the future the aliens made contact with the federation offering technology to repair th strain on subspace, that would also create a hyperspace network toto fight the borg with. They build a bunch of spheres and begin using them to distort space to create a a new habitat for themselves. The federation and suliban realize this in the future and beat them back to their own universe and destroy all the spheres the aliens put in our universe except a few. Time moes backward in their universe, so when they are ready to move again, it has moved in furhter back in the past in our own universe. Before this race can enter our iniverse from their own, they have to create a staging ground in the expanse. In order to do this they ahve creted the Spheres. The spheres are all controlled from one central location in order to adjust them simultaneously. Daniels comes to help and they destroy the spheres. This time they destroy ALL of the spheres, closing off contact witht he other universe as well and resetting the timeline so that the suliban federation war never happens and the expanse never happens. The enterprise emerges from a pocket universe to find out that the klingons never landed on Earth, the NX project was scrapped for the much better Daedelous design. Since their ship was badly damaged, the ederation lets them take the first Dadelus class ship out and and as they are now somewhat out of step with their reality, the crew embarks on a five year mission, strting the trend for captain kirk

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