Spider-man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a new deal with Sony will allow Spider-man to web-sling his way into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. His first appearance likely will be in the next Captain America film, and he will get his own movie in 2017.

A new Spidey, of course, played by a new actor.

3 replies on “Spider-man joins the Marvel Cinematic Universe”

  1. Yay! Not only will Spidey be in the MCU, but someone from Marvel proper will be working on the movie(s) that Sony will put out. Though Sony retains final creative control, they’d be dumb to not let Marvel help do Spidey justice.

    The only person this isn’t good for is Andrew Garfield. I can see why they’d want to start fresh again in this case but I liked him in the role.

  2. Very disappointed we won’t get Andrew Garfield back and that Sony has final say. Sony has proven they don’t care about creating a good movie, just what they consider to be a profitable one – and that they don’t know what will make a movie profitable (or good). :-(

    But hopefully Marvel can influence things and help build the character in their own movies in a way that is useful. I do fear Spidey will just be a background character in the MCU, but… Well, I guess we’ll see how it all plays out.

  3. Given he’s supposed to show up in Captain America’s Civil War, which we know will also have Iron Man and other known Marvel characters, I suspect the end of Avengers 2 will be quite the catastrophe (story-wise) with Civil War continuing the destruction, building up towards Avengers 3 that’ll have the once-enemies teaming together for one last 4 hour battle.


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