So the girlfriend has gotten me into this weird kids’ show that has some SF-ish elements. Can an educational (maybe) show count as SF? (Heck, Doctor Who started as educational, but that went out the window pretty quickly…)

Strange Days at Blake Holsey High airs at noon Eastern time on NBC Saturday mornings, in the same block of programming as “Tutenstein” (a cartoon about a reanimated Egyptian pharaoh) and “Endurance” (Survivor for kids). (It also airs several times during the week on Discovery Kids, for those with satellite or digital cable.) But it’s actually a fun little show, complete with a slowly-developing story arc.

Our protagonist is Josie Trent, a stereotypical redheaded skateboarding punk (or at least as punk as you can be and still get a Y7 rating). There’s the usual teenage angst regarding whether to hook up with science nerd Lucas or ultrajock Vaughn. Also, there are mysterious “wormholes,” stopwatches that really stop time, shrinking students, dangerous snack bars, and an evil conspiracy involving Vaughn’s dad, Josie’s mom, and a creepy janitor.

Somewhere near the school is — or, rather was — Pearadyne Labs, where they apparently worked on warping time and space, or time control, or something sinister and creepy. The evil overlord is Victor Pearson, who (just to make things even more angst-ridden) is Vaughn’s dad.

The show does a pretty good job of mixing “Science Lite” with the story. While detailing Einstein’s Twin Paradox, Josie is hyper-accelerated (like in at least one episode of Star Trek), and uses this power to sneak into Victor Pearson’s mansion and investigate a “power source of unlimited potential” that might usable for time travel.

Anyone else familiar with this show? (Or maybe “Scout’s Safari,” which airs immediately after, featuring a young New York girl transplanted to South Africa, who has some sort of Dr. Doolittle ability to read animals’ minds?) Do they count as SF?
For that matter, any other odd hidden gems out there on TV that we should know about?