Agent Carter Discussion: “Valediction”

In true comic-book / action serial fashion, the final episode rushes through a lot of material (glossing over how easily Stark’s name gets cleared, even if his conscience may not be) and gives us too little of the title character, before bringing us to the conclusion of… the series? The first season? Time will tell.

And while I found it ludicrous that two particular characters would be made cell-mates, it made for a great Marvel epilogue and cameo, tying the series in with the future we’ve already watched.

Thoughts? Feelings? Reviews?

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  1. This series as a whole far out stripped MAoS. While they have left it open for a further series, I would prefer to see a series with Peg Carter and Howard Stark as the heads of the newly formed SHIELD with Edwin Jarvis as Peg’s assistant. It would be hard to do a show with the SSR setting without contradicting the existing one shot. I really enjoyed this show but not sure how far they could stretch the sexist landscape to keep it interesting. Even Mad Men moved past this in its later seasons.

    • Yeah, this was really impressive. I do hope they go with the next mini-series set a few years later, but I also think it would be great to see how things play out immediately after this at the SSR, maybe even that transition from the SSR to SHIELD.

  2. Agreed. While the finale was one of the weaker episodes, the show overall was excellent, and certainly superior to Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. I don’t see the sexism angle being a problem for future shows; it would remain as one element, presumably muted a bit back at SSR, but still very much a part of the broader culture.

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