Cordelia’s back, and she’s still telling it exactly
as she sees it.

Cast and Crew


Wesley Wyndham-Pryce

August Richards

as Charles Gunn

as Fred



Written and directed by David Fury

Original Airdate

You’re Welcome originally aired on
Wednesday, February 4,


Cordelia wakes up as a result of a vision.

High Point

“I’ll go.” “Okay.”

Low Point

The framing was off in the big battle scene. Maybe
that was a
limitation of how tall they could build the set, but
we shouldn’t lose
their heads through the top of the frame when the
bottom half of the
screen has nothing of relevance.

The Review

The elements that strongly reminded me of previous
episodes did so
deliberately and effectively, so I won’t include them
in the
originality score. This was a fan payoff
episode, marking
the big 100. They brought out all sorts of classic
elements and
moments from the entire series, and did it without
resorting to a clip
show. There weren’t really any new elements, but it
didn’t really
feel like a retread either. I give it 5 out of 6.

The effects were well done. The wire
fighting was well done,
as were the physical effects in the last scene.
Angel’s good hit
could have looked much worse, but they kept it quick
and edited
rapidly, consistent with the rest of the scene. I
give it 5 out of 6.

The story was well done, setting up the rest
of the season
and series on a great foot, providing some closure to
past threads
that pay off for long-term fans. Expectations were
high, and were
well met. I give it 5 out of 6.

The acting was very good. I truly believed
that Angel and
Cordelia missed each other (which could well be
because David Boreanaz
and Charisma Carpenter missed each other; readers
know I’m not
thrilled with his acting ability, and hers is
comparable when she’s
trying to play evil or bitchy.) Charisma Carpenter
was actually in
very good form tonight. Cordelia’s role in the group
dynamic just
hasn’t been filled, and that’s even more obvious
after tonight’s
episode. I give it 5 out of 6.

The emotional response was very strong.
Apart from the
laughter in a very amusing episode (including
Harmony’s scenes,
surprisingly), I had pretty strong emotional ties to
the past, and
felt an effective kick in the gut in the final scene.
(This is
particularly impressive, as I was expecting it.) I
give it 6 out of

The production was fairly well done in the
first three acts.
The big battle sequence just felt like they didn’t
have the facilities
to meet the expectations of the script. It was
framed as though they
needed to hide a ceiling, “the blue one” looked
pretty bloody red, and
the rising centerpiece seemed to be pretty low given
the rate and
duration of its climb. (I suspect it was lowered a
bit between cuts,
to give the impression of being larger than the set
would allow.) I
give it 4 out of 6.

Overall, it’s a very good episode, despite
the limitations of
the facilities in producing the big battle sequence.
I give it 5 out
of 6.

In total, You’re Welcome receives 35 out of