Galactica: Reining in the Rumors

Apparently Galactica is NOT quite a go. All Sci-Fi channel did was pick up the options on the cast (which were due to expire January 31st). According to the official line, nothing else is set as yet.

Here’s to hoping, though!

4 replies on “Galactica: Reining in the Rumors”

  1. IOW
    All those actors are now sitting on their thumbs until Sci-Fi decides if they are going to use the show or not… Anybody have any info on when that would be?

  2. Joke in Headline Title?
    I’m just wondering if the headline title is a subtle joke of some sort (very possible – I’m slow-witted on my best days) or if it’s just a good old-fashioned spelling error. Reigning is ruling (like a king), reining is controlling (like a cowboy). Then again, maybe it just reflects the power of Bureau 42. They don’t just control rumors, they dominate them like an emperor of old. ;)

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