5 replies on “Gotham Discussion: “Everyone Has a Cobblepot””

  1. High point: “I love birds!” and the thing that happens in the end which I’d rather not spoiler – basically anything to do with Penguin.

    Low point: No Morena Baccarin.

    Show’s still hit-and-miss for me. The acting is great (mostly), the plot… I’m not sure.

  2. I have some lingering questions:

    1. Was the crazy daughter supposed to be a character known in the comics? She and Penguin seemed to hit it off.

    2. Did Jim Gordon really sink to that level to “fix” things? It works, but seemed out of character, but I suppose he’s more worried about what would happen if he didn’t.

    3. Why hasn’t anyone told Penguin his club sucks more often?

    4. Where was Dr. Thompkins?

    5. Why doesn’t Bruce dump the entire board? There must be something he can do to retaliate along those lines. Hopefully that plot gets wrapped up by the finale, it’s wearing thin.

    Still don’t care about the whole Fish plot… The Dollmaker bit is good, but it needs to be someone besides Fish there for me to care. Though without that plot, I couldn’t have made this joke last night: Who, that guy? He’s just something I threw together from spare parts I had laying around…

  3. For those who don’t mind casting-based spoilers, this made my whole week!

    Jada Pinkett Smith is leaving the show! the good news. No more Fish next season!

    And there was much rejoicing (yay)

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