Weekly Comics Discussion

The complete shipping list for this week is here,
as always. I’ll be picking up Essential Punisher
Vol. 1
, 1602 #7, Secret War Book
, and Ultimate X-Men #42.
Secret War will be the first I read and
review, although I may not be able to get to the
comic shop until tomorrow.

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  1. Ruse
    I’ve been reading a lot of crossgen recently – inspired by the whole “sojourn” thing, which I’m still not sure of. My wife wants the second volume, though, so we’ll see. The two things I’ve found are these: Ruse is REALLY good. I mean REALLY REALLY good. and the “interconnected plots” I was talking about DO exist, and can be annoying if you don’t know what the hell is going on.

    Expect reviews soon on Ruse, Neil Gaiman’s Endless Nights (I got a signed copy!!!), the First, possibly Promethea, Rose & Thorn, and a few others.

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