Arrow Discussion: “Public Enemy”

Ra’s’ League and the Starling City Police both hunt down Ollie’s warriors, and a team member falls on his arrow– a little too late to undo the damage. It seems unlikely Ollie can ever have a secret identity again, unless the Flash shows up to mess with time again, and that would really, really annoy me.

Since it wouldn’t be Arrow without soap operatics, someone has a hitherto unrevealed twin.

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  1. The way the public has seen the police target Oliver without the supporting evidence, it could all be made to look like another witch hunt. “We don’t have any idea who The Arrow is, so we’ll blame Oliver Queen again” seems like something a bungling police department might do. But they’ll probably have to relocate the Arrow Cave and rework things a bit.

    I half expected Ra’s to break Oliver out to make him look even more guilty.

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