Arrow Discussion: “Broken Arrow”

A horribly convoluted plot might convince the world that Ollie is not the Arrow, but makes us wonder how the Arrow can ever return. Meanwhile, the Arrow turns to the Atom to help with a metahuman villain– one who apparently wasn’t created by the Central City particle accelerator. Cisco Ramon makes an appearance, and Ra’s Al Ghul makes a deadly move.

The episode asks one lingering question (how do the metahumans feed and so forth in the pipeline?) and poses another: is Arrow broken?

Neither receives an answer this week.

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  1. Yowza. Aside from the Lazarus pit obviousness in the preview, I have no idea how any of the other plots are going to be resolved, especially how the Arrow can ever come back.

    Roy’s exit is apparently because the actor’s contract was up, so only one more episode for them this season. Something tells me they’ll be back though, somehow.

  2. OK, I’ll try this again.

    I’m getting a little tired of the [spolier]fake death / ressurection[/spoiler] trope being used so much in the DC TV universe. I know it’s a staple from the comments, but it still annoys me.

    Thea will be back, I’m sure[/spoiler/] Probably with enhancements of some kind. Better, Stronger, Faster, right?

      • When you’re posting something like:
        It’s shocking to learn that Arrow was using Keyser Soze’s sled, which was dead the whole time
        you put spoiler in square brackets before the spoiler part, and /spoiler in square brackets at the end of that part.

        In the last example, you misspelled “spoiler” in one of the brackets and you had a /spoiler/ in another.

    • I never trust that anyone is dead on any show, but moreso on comic/sci-fi type shows.

      I’m guessing Thea will be back, but “changed” mentally in some way.

      • Does anyone else think that Thea will be the next Ra’s al Ghul?. She will soon fit the requirements…

    • I think when they clear up the threads from this season and jettison Ray/Atom to the spin-off, things will get better.

      Of all the major arcs, this season with the LoA has been my least favorite. But Something tells me Oliver will take it over and rebrand it as the League of Shadows instead and try to take it a different way.

      • The Atom build-up is interesting. Flash only got a couple episodes of pre-power Barry before they sent him off to the spin-off, Ray has basically been a main cast member for the season.

        As for the LoA plot thread I actually don’t mind it. It’s a bit abstract but this is the first real threat that Oliver can’t impale his way out of.

        That even ties into the big multi-season plot arc from The Flash. We’re finally starting to make headway on what the hell is going on with the food and toilets in the meta-human prison.

      • I think they might go a different direction. Remember that the prophesy was that the next Ra’s will be someone who doesn’t perish at Ra’s al Ghul’s blade. If they bring her back with the Lazarus pit, Thea may well qualify.

        • Indeed, that would be quite an interesting turn of events if that were to happen. Both would be interesting paths to take, I’d be on board either way.

  3. Is anyone bothered by Brandon Routh’s apparent pink eye/conjunctivitis?

    Oh, and spoiler test

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