News: Star Wars Comics on Marvel Digital Unlimited

It’s been a long time coming, but Marvel has finally put their Classic Star Wars comic run, in addition to all of the Dark Horse Star Wars comics (with re-done covers with the Marvel logo in place of the Dark Horse Comics logo), on Marvel Digital Unlimited.

3 replies on “News: Star Wars Comics on Marvel Digital Unlimited”

    • Going through the Series index in the Digital Unlimited app, I’m not seeing any of Marvel’s current ongoing Star Wars comics – yet. It’s currently just the Classic Marvel Star Wars comics (the ones that were released when the Original Trilogy was coming out), and the Dark Horse Star Wars comics.

      That said, I wouldn’t be surprised if, in a few months, the currently ongoing Star Wars comics will end up on Digital Unlimited. Also, currently everyone and their Wookie sidekicks are trying to read the Star Wars comics on Digital Unlimited, so it’s kind of tricky to actually read them at the moment. Once things settle down after Celebration, it should be easier to access them. Either that, or we’ll have to wait until Disney brings some more servers online to meet demand.

    • Marvel never uploads anything until it’s been on store shelves for six months, but that appears to be the only limiter (aside from adults-only MAX status) that keeps issues off the service. The current titles should start appearing in July, as they started selling in January.

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