5 replies on “Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice Trailer”

  1. I’ve watched it a couple of times, and I’m not entirely sure it’s Batman saying the infamous “Do you bleed?” line.

    I’m not sold on the film. I think Marvel’s less gritty, more fun approach is what is going to have them with the upper-hand in the film battle. I get that feeling depressed after watching a Batman film is normal, but I shouldn’t after watching Superman.The two are supposed to be night and day different, not different paint schemes on the same car.

    • Agreed. Odd to think that, at one time, Marvel was the gritty one and DC was the fun one). The most optimistic take is that they’re setting up for a more fun third movie.

      Then again, so was Amazing Spider-man 2.

      (oh, and speaking of which….)

      • While I tend to lean toward liking the more fun adaptations of both Marvel and DC, there is some room for grit, but it depends on the character. Superman should not be gritty.

        The Netflix Daredevil series is quite gritty, but it fits. I’m only about 8 episodes in though.

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