6 replies on “Greatest Fantasy Film Tournament: Round One, Week Eight”

  1. I know it’s for “completeness” and all, but every time I see a Twilight movie in these lists, my soul dies a little.

    • You think you have problems? I’ve actually had to sit through the whole damn series because someone else in the household is a fan of the books.

      Fortunately, I’m the one voting here. :)

      • I was lucky – only had to sit through the first. After that, spouse was able to find a friend who wanted to go with her.


        I do still cringe when I see them, though…

      • Oh, you’re not the only abused husband that had to. Though I took it as an exercise in what makes for bad storytelling yet has mass appeal. Based on this and what I’ve come to understand is in the 50 Shades of Gray books: Do not underestimate the Mary Sue Factor.

        • 50 Shades…. Which, I’m sure most of us know, started its life as Twilight fanfic, and was rewritten for the mass market after it proved popular.

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