6 replies on “Firefly movie to film in May?”

  1. is says:

    I hope I hope.

    What release date would that give it??

    • fiziko says:

      Re: suh-weeeet!

      I hope I hope.

      What release date would that give it??

      That depends on the post-production. If they pick up the
      TV crew, Christmas might not be unreasonable. My guess is
      that it’s being treated as an uncertain property, and that
      it’ll be out early next spring.

      I’m torn about the release date, myself. On one hand, I
      want it out NOW, DAMMIT! On the other, I don’t want it to
      be rushed, improperly advertised, or released amongst a
      flood of other stuff that might overshadow it for an
      uncertain audience. My ideal would be a late March or
      early April 2005 release, as things start to ramp up for
      the big summer releases.

  2. rickyjames says:

    What’s really interesting to me is that all of the emphasis now seems to be on Serenity instead of Firefly. It’s almost as tho Universal wants to start over with a new name and avoid being connected with the Fox TV canceled series. I really wonder if they sat down and decided they’d be better off drawing in uninitiated moviegoers with a new Serenity brandname than taking a chance on turning them off with the old Firefly brand name. They know the true fans will for sure find the movie and go no matter what it was called, so no downside whatsoever of losing existing fans with a name change.

    I also read Universal controls Sci-Fi Channel on cable TV. Oh, please, oh please, oh please, oh please. They can call it That Mudder’s Milk Show for all I care. Just PLEASE bring it back as a series.

    • Babbster says:

      Re: Repackaging
      I think it’s less likely that they thought there would be negative associations with the TV series, and more likely that they figured there would be NO association for the vast majority of the potential audience, so why keep the name? I would note too that with so few episodes aired, Firefly is hardly a big brand name. As it’s simply the name of Serenity’s spaceship class, the word isn’t even huge in terms of being part of the story.

      • vanyel says:

        Re: Repackaging

        …so why keep the name?

        Serenity is just the project name — the movie could still very well have Firefly in the title…

  3. Jethro says:

    Pardon me, but…
    Wasn’t the pilot for the series named “Serenity”?

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