Release Dates for Voyager DVDs

Oddly, I have dates for only the first four seasons on Region One, but all have all seven for Region Two. Go fig.

Region One

  • Season One: February 24, 2004 (order from or
  • Season Two: May 18, 2004
  • Season Three: July 7, 2004
  • Season Four: August 3, 2004

Region Two

  • Season One: May 3, 2004
  • Season Two: July 5, 2004
  • Season Three: August 6, 2004
  • Season Four: November 1, 2004
  • Season Five: January 3, 2005
  • Season Six: March 7, 2005
  • Season Seven: May 2, 2005

More updates as I find them…

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  1. Region 2…
    We seem to get some weird differing release dates here on Region 2 – like we seem to get Buffy and Angel DVD releases a lot earlier than they turn up in Region 1, whereas the usual thing is to get them a lot later (and sometimes with less extra content, although thankfully that doesn’t happen as often anymore).

    But to have the release dates when they’re not available for R1 is just odd. Pinch of salt, I think.

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