Manga Review: Oh, My Goddess! Volume 6

The manga reviews continue with the next installment of Oh, My Goddess! This time with a bit of a more dramatic plot line.

Title: Oh, My Goddess! Volume 6
Story and Art by Kosuke Fujishima
Translated by Alan Gleason, Toren Smith, and Dana Lewis
Lettering & Touch-up by Susie Lee & PC Orz.
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The Premise

Mara, in an attempt to get the Goddesses away, unleashes the Lord of Terror. However, the Lord of Terror possesses Urd, and threatens to release the Ultimate Destruction Program, which will destroy all life on earth! Can Belldandy, Skuld, and Keiichi save the world without harming Urd?

High Points

how our heroes defeat the Lord of Terror is pure unadulterated genius.

Before that, the whole struggle between possessed Urd and our heroes is brilliantly written and drawn. This is some of the most dramatic and tense writing in the manga thus far.

Low Point

Bell, Urd, and Skuld know about the Ultimate Destruction program, and that if unleashed, the Lord of Terror will seek to use it. Why doesn’t Mara?


Originality: 5/6
Artwork: 5/6
Story: 5/6
Emotional Response: 5/6
Characterization: 5/6
Flow: 6/6
Overall: 5/6

In total, Oh My Goddess, Volume 6 gets 36/42.