Firefly DVD set has been nominated for a Saturn in the “Best DVD Television Release”
category. Saturns are awarded by the Academy of
Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films. Membership
is only $40 for an out of state membership – i wonder
if there is time to vote :o)
That link also has
a complete list of nominations. If I were a betting
man, I’d bet on X2, LOTR:ROTK,
28 Days Later, Kill Bill Vol. 1,
Finding Nemo, Viggo Mortenson, Jennifer
Connelly, Andy Serkis, Keira Knightley, (don’t know
for the child actors), Peter Jackson, the
LOTR:ROTK team, Howard Shore (although I
prefer Danny Elfman’s work), Ngila Dickson and
Richard Taylor, Rick Baker’s team, and the LOTR team
for effects. As for the TV nominations, I don’t
watch enough to feel comfortable voting in all
categories, but I think Alexis Denisof deserves to
win. He’s done fantastic work.