10 Reasons to Hate Star Trek

I’m sure there are more than just 10, but this list is good for more than a few laughs.

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    • Re: heh!
      It could be worse.

      “Look at this door. All the doors in this spacecraft have a cheerful and sunny dispositon. It is their pleasure to open for you and their satisfaction to close again with the knowledge of a job well done.”

  1. Ground combat
    What about the Federation’s utter stupidity when it comes to small unit combat?

  2. Shiney badgaes
  3. You have to put the phaser rifle down to pick up the tricorder
  4. The comunicator will always anounce your presence
  5. They seem to have forgotten all about camoflauge(sp)
  6. another lost art is this arcane idea called the “pocket”
  7. body armor, helmets, knee/elbow pads.
      Granted these might not help you if you take a disruptor in the chest, but with some potective gear, you can dive across the room without fear of injury, thus not giving the guy with the disruptor an easy target. And there’s a thought… why not put the the communicator in the helmet… and while we’re at it, can we put the tricorder display in the helmet too

    I think I’ll stop talking for a little while.

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