3rd Rock Heads Home

SciFi Wire has the full article about “3rd Rock From the Sun” ending on May 22nd.

“3rd Rock” has had an interesting run, but it is way past time to put the final nail in its coffin.

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  1. 3rd rock kicks ass
    i, for one, am going to miss 3rd rock.

    it’s the only witty show that’s come out

    of the past decade, which is quite a feat.

    it’s always funny, and often quite profound.

    well, i guess we’ll always have reruns….?

  2. try seeing the damned forest for the trees!
    What is up with the 3rd Rock bashing? I think it is a verily amusing anecdote and indictment of the cultural and sociological assumptions that we all make on a daily basis because we are trained to think that these situations are “perfectly normal.” I think that the show has focused on Dick’s relationship with Dr. Albright because that is where Americans are fouled the most into unreason and utter stupidity.

  3. aaarrrghh!
    i have a feeling that the only reason all you

    self righteous sci-fi buffs don’t like 3rd rock

    is because they don’t have enough high-budget

    special effects. that seems to be what defines

    ‘sci-fi’ these days.

    i just hope you got something in return for

    selling your soul to hollywood.

  4. I don’t watch 3rd Rock because…
    …I found it got tired, and unoriginal. It has nothing to do with a lack of special effects. The “fish out of water” jokes weren’t original, and John Lithgow’s overacting was not entertaining, despite his repeated Emmy wins. The first season was very entertaining, with all the physics jokes in there that were hysterical, but the concept grew tired. I used to enjoy it, but it started becoming far too predictable. I have enough respect for the first season that I’ll probably watch the series finale, but I’m not sorry to see it go.

  5. well…
    i don’t care about special effects. i just didn’t find the show very funny. the fish-out-of-water thing got old fast, and i never saw much evidence of an attempt at humor above the typical sitcom gags. i never even considered the show all that sci-fi anyway..

  6. What I meant was…
    Originally, I liked 3rd Rock, it was very funny. After a few years, the fish-out-of-water routine was getting stale (anyone watch the last few seasons of “Perfect Strangers”?).

    We got to see some great stuff by Lithgow, though he may be completely type-cast after this (I really hope not). We were also introduced to some great new actors.

    It’s just time to move on.

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