Avengers Reboot coming under Bendis, Finch

The Brian Michael Bendis and David Finch creative
team that’s doing such great work on Ultimate
is moving to the Avengers in July, writing
a five issue story arc titled “Avengers Disassemble”
that will end the current numbering of the series.
Later this year, they’ll relaunch the title with a
new #1. Newsarama
has the details.

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  1. I also checked out their article on Exiles
    Where there are, apparently, some changes underway, staff-wise (probably not a big surprise, really) and some images from issue 46, apparently.

    I especially like that the images are chosen to avoid giving away who the sixth character is (looks like they’re just off-panel in one of the images, but nowhere to be seen in the others — a little odd). I’m pretty sure I already know who it’s going to be, though.

    I don’t know if I’m all that comfortable with all the big events and new books and book relaunching stuff, though. I can’t even follow the X books anymore because there’s about eight storylines and a billion characters, and I don’t know who two-thirds of them are, it seems. I guess it sells books, but it makes me uninterested in buying them, really.

    In that regard, the Ultimate line is of vastly more interest, but I can’t be bothered to try keeping up with all of it just now, either. I’ll probably keep an eye out for the "Disassemble" storyline, but I doubt it will make a continued reader out of me.

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