Bendis’ Avengers – With Money Back Guarantee

Brian Michael Bendis was one of many creators at
WizardWorld LA this weekend. The results of his
panel can be found at
. Highlights include the money back
guarantee on his Avengers (at the end of the column,)
the motivation for Ultimate Ben Reilly, plans for The
Pulse and Daredevil, and news about a Jinx movie.
This one panel covers a lot of the comics we discuss
here, so it gets its own news item. When the
convention is over, I’ll make a second WizardWorld LA
column with everything else.

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  1. aww
    Aww he’s leaving UFF? That sucks, but from the letters column in #3 it seemed like he wasn’t adding THAT much anyway. The Pulse sounds like it’s just going to get better. I’m going to hold him to that money back guarantee!

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