The Flash Discussion: “The Darkness and the Light”

King Shark turns out to be a red herring (though I’m holding out for a King Shark vs Grodd ep). Instead, this week gives us more on Earth Two, the alternate Harrison Wells, Dr. Zoom, and Dr. Light. This last character is neither Arthur Light nor Kimiyo Hoshi, but Earth-Two’s Linda Park.

Cisco Ramon finally reveals his metahuman abilities and, while he calls himself “Vibe,” good taste prevails and we see no sign of the notorious comic-book costume.

Barry takes out an opponent by running really fast and knocking them out– something he should be doing weekly. Seriously, how would anyone except for another speedster pose much of a challenge for the Flash?

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  1. I think they’re only getting by here on his lack of experience, which won’t hold out for long.

    We also learned that Flash^2/Jay was exaggerating his speed capabilities. I really hope Wells^2 isn’t Zoom in this timeline because at this point that would be a bit of a cop-out/cheap.

    And I’m willing to bet Patty gets read into the group or otherwise learns who Barry is by the end of the month (assuming she doesn’t already know). I like the two of them together, hopefully they don’t run that into the ground or make her evil.

    • Like the masks, this really is something that works on (comic) paper. It really strains the willingness to suspend disbelief in a live-action medium.

  2. High point: “Crisco”.

    Honestly, Wells^2 was fantastic. The characters’ interactions with him were great. Pretty much made the episode for me.

    • That’s when they get creative. Have most of it be in the sewers, and we only see shadows, hear thuds, see manhole covers fly in the air, etc, with a couple brief but good shots of them going toe-to-toe.

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