Firefly joining the Navy!

writes, The department for Morale, Welfare and
Recreation(MWR) in the American Navy have made a deal
with Fireflyfans, who’ve donated 250 DVD sets of the
series. So through the Navy’s “Afloat” library
program, US sailors around the world will be able to
enjoy Firefly during their downtime (while Joss
Whedon is working on the motion picture).
that for good PR? Maybe Universal and Fox will take
note of how much money Firefly fans are willing to
put into the show.

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  1. Cool strange
    I remember hearing about this a couple of months ago. It’s pretty cool that
    they were actually able to do it. It does seem an odd choice for the navy to
    agree to, with the evil authoritarian government overtones the program has.
    But, the fact that they were all right with it actually makes me feel that some
    people with decision make powers in the military get it.

    plus, its a kick ass show!

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