Supergirl Discussion: “Livewire”

This week’s episode was uneven, but it did a pretty good job of resembling a Silver Age Supergirl comic: villain with a ridiculous origin and questionable powers, forced relationship drama, and an easy resolution. Still, Britt Morgan has fun as Livewire, and we learn more about Kara’s family history. How you responded to this episode, I suspect, depends upon what you expect from this series.

5 replies on “Supergirl Discussion: “Livewire””

  1. Now, my episode guide lists this as episode 5, with episode 4 airing NEXT week.

    Have the ones of you that watched this noticed if anything seems out of place? I’m thinking about just waiting for next week and watching them in order…

    • They did air them out of order because of the attack in Paris, something in episode 4 apparently was too similar so they delayed it. I don’t recall anything standing out as being out of place last night though.

  2. I’ve loved Britt Morgan ever since The Middleman. She kinda chewed the scenery here a bit but in a good way. I hope they keep her around. Comic book electricity handling aside I can’t think of anything memorably negative about the episode. Sure there was the requisite Thanksgiving family/relationship drama but nothing out of line for the series.

  3. Ok, I did end up watching it, and, eh. Kinda bored me a bit. It’s like they went “Hey, we have Helen Slater and Dean Cain, so we don’t need a plot or anything.”

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